4th Coral Triangle Regional Business Forum, Event Design, Development & Implementation.

Event design, development, planning and implementation for the 2015 Regional Business Forum on Sustainable Marine Tourism for Coral Triangle nations (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste and Solomon Islands). This event brought together senior government officials, leading private sector tourism representatives and a range of support NGOs and institutions to (i) identify and promote best practices for responsible marine and coastal tourism; (ii) identify and promote the enabling conditions required to support private sector leadership and engagement in sustainable and responsible marine and coastal tourism in the Coral Triangle, and (iii) explore the branding and marketing of the Coral Triangle as a global sustainable tourism destination. The event included: , an investment forum; a buyer-sellers market; a Coral Triangle Marine Tourism Expo; three high level Roundtables; a Womens Leaders Forum Roundtable;  a two-day six-nation conference; and a CTI Maritime Local Government Network (LGN) Executive Committee Meeting.