Mediation, Negotiation
& Conflict Resolution

Conflicts aren’t necessarily a bad thing. They can be a road to finding a solution for a problem,
raising awareness of what is important to individuals and local groups, and creating opportunities for reform.
However, when not addressed appropriately, conflicts around land and resource use can
impede economic development, undermine local livelihoods, result in social unrest
with sometimes violent or even lethal results, and accelerate environmental degradation.

Effectively addressing conflicts in the natural resource sector is an essential element of sustainability.
SSIC consultants can provide support to assisted negotiations, de-escalation efforts,
mediation and capacity building for conflict transformation.

If your organization is interested in conflict analysis, professional mediation,
de-escalation initiatives, or training on negotiation,
please contact

Adapted from Morton Deutsch, Peter T. Coleman, Eric C. Marcus (2011) The Handbook of Conflict Resolution: Theory and Practice. John Wiley & Sons