Productive Landscape Management Framework Development In Mbeliling, Flores And Gorontalo, Sulawesi.

Employing participatory processes to facilitate the development of a landscape level management framework and programme of work within rural project sites in eastern Indonesia. Incorporating stakeholder engagement strategies development and implementation, collaborative environmental context review, setting of productive landscape principles and strategic direction, and project proposal development.

Analysis Of Special Agriculture Business Leases.

Performing analysis to spatially account for the impact “Special Agriculture Business Leases” (SABLs) are having on the nation’s forests. Analysis considered different landuse practices and accounted for carbon stocks based on Above Ground Biomass data.

Logging License Moratorium Assessment.

Performing spatial analysis of Indonesia’s National Moratorium on logging licenses and developing methods for selecting areas to be included in plan based on carbon stocks. This project was implemented in support of, and in co-operation with, the Indonesia Ministry of Forestry and UKP4 (Office of the President of Indonesia). Results of the project were presented at COP 17, Durban, South Africa by a leading climate change scientist.

Collaborative Ecotourism Concept Development In Mebliling, Flores.

Following participatory methods with rural communities in western Flores to determine ecotourism sites for development, potential benefits and risks of ecotourism development, prioritization of sites for development, and production of action plans at organizational and community level.

Sub-sector And Value Chain Analysis: Cattle & Agricultural Commodities.

Supporting Hivos Timor-Leste through the development of a participatory process for the conduct of sub-sector and value chain analysis for cattle and agricultural commodities in the districts of Baucau, Lautem and Viqueque. Collaboratively designing the tools for the assessment with Hivos’ local partner staff, with the results documented to inform future food security and market development initiatives.