Water Sanitation And Hygiene (WASH) Program Implementation In Schools.

Planning, implementation and monitoring of the WASH initiative in Schools (WinS) component of the on-going WASH program. Working with partners to implement hygiene promotion via the CHILD to child methodology and with contractors for the construction of new WASH facilities.

Implementation Of Climate Vulnerability Assessments And Pilot Adaptation Projects In Five Priority Land & Seascapes.

Providing overall management and technical co-ordination for implementation of climate vulnerability assessments and pilot adaptation projects in partnership with WWF coastal & marine programmes in 3 countries. Included: baseline studies; community vulnerability assessments; downscale climate modeling (in association with University of Cape Town); stakeholder-based vulnerability assessment and implementation of pilot adaptation projects.

Preparation Of A Proposal For A Multi-stakeholder Advocacy Campaign Aginst Blast-fishing.

Preparation of a project proposal on behalf of Hotels Association of Tanzania (HAT) for submission to BEST AC for a private sector-led multi-stakeholder advocacy campaign with a goal of reducing the threat that dynamite fishing poses to the coastal tourism industry in mainland Tanzania. Involved desk research; consultations with donor and various stakeholders; proposal writing.

Mid-term Evaluation Of Global Ecosphere Retreat (GER) Chumbe.

Participation in 2-person mid-term evaluation team to assess progress of Chumbe Island Coral Sanctuary, Zanzibar against Global Ecosphere Retreat standards. Included visit to Chumbe Island to make physical inspections and interview staff and stakeholders; provision of expert input on conservation and community elements of the standards; report preparation.

Preparation Of Funding Proposal To Eu – Indian Ocean Commission.

Preparation of funding proposal for mobile handset-based monitoring of blast-fishing and facilitating community enforcement initiatives in 10 coastal communities in Tanzania.

Lead Author And Workshop Organizer, Marine Ecosystems Regional Report: ‘marine Conservation Priorities In The Coral Triangle’.

Led development and writing of marine report “Marine Conservation Priorities in the Coral Triangle,” to guide the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Development and Cooperation (DEVCO)’s strategic approach to wildlife conservation in Asia.  Document review and consultations and formal interviews with a variety of experts. Supervised subcontractors.  Organized and facilitated consultation workshop, for ~25 participants from government, academia, NGOs, etc., prior to the International Coral Reef Symposium (for WCS).

Communication Coordination For Marine Protected Areas.

Coordinating communication strategy and product development, including infographic and website update, for the initiative “Solving the Mystery of Marine Protected Area Performance”.  Delivering key messages to decision-makers and key audiences at the World Conservation Congress, in support of implementing policies that promote the long-term sustainability of marine resources.  The initiative has several approaches, including 1) a global synthesis (SESYNC/LHI) and 2) the evaluation of social and ecological impacts of MPAs in Indonesia (a multi-NGO collaboration led by WWF-US).

Supporting Team Science And Interdisciplinary Collaborations That Pursue Data-driven Solutions To Pressing Socio-environmental Problems.

Participating in SESYNC proposal review, and “matching” with team(s) where additional external facilitation assistance was beneficial, particularly around project inception by supporting the team science process, meeting planning and facilitation. Working in conjunction with SESYNC staff, interacting with that team’s leaders to further familiarize with the project, develop a facilitation plan, facilitate one meeting and conduct follow up conversations to assess outcomes and further needs.